York House Society website banner showing the front of York House. Photo ©Yvonne Hewett
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The York House Society

The Committee

Crest on York House gates

Chairman: Paul Leonard
Vice Chairman: Helen Lee-Parsons
Hon Secretary: Susan Chappell
Hon Treasurer: Andrew Stanley
Committee: Bridget Miller, Yvonne Hewett
Webmaster: Yvonne Hewett

The History of the Society

The Society dates back to 1924. Its title commemorates the aspirations of its funding members, a small group of dedicated residents and local councillors who gathered together in 1922. It was they who persuaded the then Urban District Council to purchase York House, to act as the Town Hall.

The Society is the longest established Amenity Society in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames. It is not only concerned with York House; its interests are concentrated around the central area of Twickenham and its river frontage, but it also supports the work of other societies both within and beyond this area.

The Society played a prominent part in the acquisition of the house which is now Orleans Gallery and its grounds for the Borough; it has fought and continues to fight to preserve Twickenham Riverside, not the least for the sake of the famous view from Richmond Hill. It has fought to preserve and improve the Embankment, to revive and maintain the character of Church Street and to bring new life to the central area of Twickenham. It is proud to have been the Society which initiated the restoration of the York House Statues, and in 1962 set up the Borough of Twickenham Local History Society.

The York House Society aims to preserve the amenities of the locality. It encourages the planning and protection of trees, promotes respect for historic buildings and their architectural features, and organises social functions such as an event at Twelfth Night.

The Society has no political allegiance. It looks towards the future, preserving only what is best of the past.

Recognising the need for extra vigilance, greater activity and a constructive approach, the Society welcomes those who wish to support its aspirations.

A detailed history of the Society from 1924 to the present, including officers, speakers at meetings, and reminiscences of members, is here.


For more information on the development of the Society and the context of the area, see the References section on the Links and References page.